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Test Code Billings Clinic: 1054 Heinz Body Stain, Blood

Performing Laboratory

Billings Clinic Laboratory: Hematology

Useful For

  • Heinz bodies are particles of denatured hemoglobin which are generally attached to the cell membrane.
  • Heinz bodies are usually found after the administration of chemicals or drugs such as chlorates, phenylhydrazine, or (in sensitive individuals) PrimaquineTM.


Brilliant Cresyl Blue Staining

Specimen Requirements

  • Specimen must arrive within 24 hours of draw.
  • Draw blood in a lavender-top (EDTA) tube(s).
  • Send 1 mL of unprocessed EDTA whole blood refrigerated.
  • Do not centrifuge.
  • Forward unprocessed whole blood promptly.

Reference Values


Day(s) Test Set Up


Test Classification and CPT Coding

85441 - Heinz bodies; direct

LOINC Code Information


Reporting Name LOINC Code
Heinz Bodies 33057-1