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Test Code Billings Clinic: 4959 GenPath: J148-8 4K Score, Serum

Important Note


  1. With a previous diagnosis of prostate cancer.
  2. That has received a DRE in a previous 96 hours (4 days) before phlebotomy.  A DRE performed after the phlebotomy is acceptable.
  3. That has received within the previous 6 months 5-alpha reductase inhibitor (5-ARI) therapy such as Avedart (dutasteride) or Proscar (finasteride).
  4. That has undergone within the pervious 6 months any procedure or therapy to treat symptomatic BPH or any invasive, urologic procedure associated with a secondary PSA elevation prior to phlebotomy.

Performing Laboratory

GenPath Diagnostics

Useful For

High Grade (Gleason +7) Prostate Cancer Risk Evaluation


Electrochemilluminescenct Immunoassay

Specimen Requirements

  • Draw blood in a red-top gel tube(s).
  • Spin down and send 3 mL of serum refrigerated in original container or plastic pour off tube.
  • Specimens must be sent within 24 hours of collection.



Specimen Type

Temperature Time
Serum Refrigerated 3 days


If shipping after 3 days, specimen must be frozen in a plastic pour off tube.

Reject Due To

  • Specimens not refrigerated/frozen at receipt
  • Specimens other than serum

Reference Values

Reference values are included with patient’s report.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday - Friday

TAT:  2 days from receipt at GenPath

Test Classification and CPT Coding

81539 - Oncology (high-grade prostate cancer), biochemical assay of four proteins (Total PSA, Free PSA, Intact PSA, and human kallikrein-2 [hK2]), utilizing plasma or serum, prognostic algorithm reported as a probability score